Three Versions of Dune on the Screen. Will there be Another?

As Franz Kafka intimated, the sweetest music is often that which cannot be heard except in our stirred imaginations. David Lynch tried to capture DUNE in film, and John Harrison took a swing at it. Now Denis Villeneuve has brought us a new version which also seeks to awaken the dreamer within us.

But the time traveling saboteurs referred to by its enemies as the Kronokaze want to make manifest that music of the sirens which no one has ever heard and survived, including Ulysses, who only thought he heard it, as Kafka tells us. The Kronokaze want to give Alejandro Jodorowsky another bite of the apple of creation. And they’re making him an offer he can’t refuse.

“My Dinner with Jodorowsky”: a science fiction novel by Gabriel S. de Anda.

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