“The times they are a-changing, especially in the realm of self-publishing.  Acres of verbiage have been expended on the pros and cons of authors doing it for themselves.  We will have to content ourselves here with saying, ‘Not all tomes produced in this fashion are valueless.’ Here’s one worthy candidate: Cherubimbo (Xlibris, trade paper, $19.99, 190 pages, ISBN 978-1-4628-4731-0) by Gabriel S. de Anda. With prior publication credits in several respectable zines, these stories come pre-vetted by an editorial acumen that is so often absent in other DIY productions. A practicing lawyer, de Anda infuses a couple of pieces with stefnal legal expertise, in the vein of Charles Harness. Time travel offers him lots of room for playful speculation, particularly in the emotionally resonant “1969”. And some colorful posthumanism informs “My Year To Be A Horse.” De Anda’s touch is solid yet light-hearted, a winning one-two punch.”

Paul Di Filippo 2013

“Few writers can create worlds so rich and fully-realized the reader immediately feels at home, even when the concepts have not yet been fully laid out.  Fewer still can do so with language so rich and lyrical it is a joy to read, with details so rooted in the human experience that one cannot help but be absorbed into the story.

“Gabriel de Anda is such a writer.

“Whether delineating the struggles of a law firm dealing with the demands of an ex-partner — about as ex as one can get — or the dichotomy of rich and poor spreading out among the galaxies –or even musing on the irrelevance of a classic icon which somehow makes it seem more relevant than ever – de Anda nails it.

“Readers, you are in for a treat.”

Gordon Linzner, Author of “The Spy Who Drank Blood and Founder/Editor/Publisher of the longest running small press SF magazine, “Space & Time” 

“Science Fiction artist Frank Kelly Freas once said that an illustrator is a storyteller who can’t type.  In that regard, Gabriel de Anda is one good storyteller who paints brilliant believable characters, as well as action and scenery, without a brush.”

 Laura Brodian Freas, Illustrator, Classical Music Radio Program Host

“Par Autre Vie gives a gut-wrenching look at a cyberpunk future that is all too real.”

Kenneth Mark Hoover, Author of Feverblau 

“With BBR we always searched hard for stories that were fresh, stimulating and, of course, well written. We therefore took great pleasure in publishing Gabriel de Anda’s ‘The Crystal Heart’ in 1992, and I’m delighted to see it reaching a new generation of readers in this anthology.”

 Chris Reed, editor of Great Britain’s BBR Magazine